Best CBD brands in 2021

Best CBD brands in 2021

CBDcity would be nowhere without their amazing partners. That’s why today we want to give you an insight about the brands that provide the CBD products we have.

All round CBD companies

We are starting off with one of our top suppliers, Green Roads. Green Roads is known as one of the leading CBD manufacturers in the world. With their mission to help every person find the healthiest version of themselves through the power of plants, the company’s products have been awarded as best and most innovative CBD products on the market. They have a big range of products which include CBD oil, CBD Skincare products, CBD edibles and CBD capsules. We hope you enjoy their product as much as we do.

Another company with a large range of CBD products is Just CBD. From CBD gummies to CBD skin care products and tinctures. Their products are very effective and a delight to use. Just CBD has a large line of CBD edibles with unique flavors which we highly recommend. For example, you can try the Just CBD Peach Rings which are really delicious and discreet to use. 

Best organic CBD products

Although they are not the biggest company in the CBD business, Organabus is very special to us. With their hand-crafted products made from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, they focus on what they do best. Organabus offers a small product range which contains CBD oil tinctures, CBD capsules, skin-care products and CBD gummies. The Organabus tinctures are the most popular products in their line. They offer the best CBD in two serving sizes, easy for you to enjoy.

Another company which is a bit smaller, but needs as much attention as the larger companies, is Moon Mother. The Moon Mother team plants each seed herself to harvest and slow cure each plant. This process results in finding quality, taste and efficacy in their products. They have a big range of skin care products and also a full spectrum hemp oil tincture. With these lovely products the only thing you have to do is sit back and relax.

High quality for a fair price

With its fair prices for CBD products, CBDistillery wants to make sure CBD becomes accessible for more people. This doesn’t mean they settle for a lower quality of their products. With an QR code on the packaging, all results of the third-party labs test can be found which makes CBDistillery a transparent company. With this feature you can be assured of the quality of the products.
Another brand which offers premium CBD products for fair prices is Canna River. Their CBD is extracted from US-grown hemp plants and always tested to insure quality and a low THC level. Their products are created to enhance the body and soul from customers. One of their amazing products the is Canna River Full Spectrum Lemon Raspberry Tincture. This tincture will spark your senses and its great taste will make your daily dosing more enjoyable.

Best CBD products for body relaxation

CBDMEDIC is a brand which produces many of our skincare and sports products. They produce their products based on extensive research. Most of the time CBDMEDIC’s products are used for perfect body relaxation. Experiencing some neck and back tension yourself? You can try to use CBDMEDIC Back and Neck Ointment to relax your back and neck with. This cream is made with all-natural oils and organic wax to enable deep muscle and joint-penetration.

Best CBD products for animals

Quality and Innovation is where cbdMD stands for. cbdMB is a large company which ensures products of superior quality because of the domestic-sources hemp in combination with the highest possible quality standards in the industry. Not only do they have CBD products for humans, but also for animals. Treat your animal with one of the CBD products for pets.

There are a lot of CBD companies which each have their specialties in CBD products. We are very pleased with the fact that aforementioned companies are our partners. We hope informing you about our CBD partners will help you make a decision in choosing your next CBD purchase.

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