Exploring the Benefits of CBD Oil for Wellness

Exploring the Benefits of CBD Oil for Wellness
CBD oil, also called cannabis oil, is the shortened version of Cannabidiol. This is a phytocannabinoid that was discovered back in 1940. While cannabis is considered a drug, due to the presence of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the extracted Cannabidiol does not act as an intoxicant. Instead, this is merely the plant's abstract. CBD can be absorbed into the body in different ways, such as inhaling vapors, an aerosol spray, or liquid drops into the mouth.

While this extract does not have the same psychoactive effects as THC, there are still enough of the similar compounds to have actual effects on the body. This works out as very beneficial to individuals who take this substance for a variety of different purposes. So whether it goes by hemp oil, cannabis oil, or its most popular CBD, there is a lengthy list of benefits one can gain from this substance.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

To date, there are major discussions about the safety of this product. Though, to be clear, many of its naysayers seem to be concerned about the source of the substance. They cannot separate CBD from a marijuana (Cannabis) plant in their minds, and so they remain insistent this substance must be negative. The facts do not support the hysteria, however. With every health organization to do tests on CBD oil to date, including the World Health Organization (WHO), there has been no evidence found that this substance is unsafe.

It has not shown to be addictive, nor does it pose any danger to wellness. There's also no evidence of this substance affecting the body's histamine levels, so it doesn't pose a threat of allergic reaction. For all of the experiments to be done to date, cannabis oil, or CBD oil, has proven to be safe.

Is CBD Oil Effective?

This is another area where more testing will eventually tell the tale. Though while the FDA has yet to approve any claims related to CBD oil, the general public at large has not been shy in singing the praises of this substance for stress relief, recovery from workouts and injuries, and more. That isn't to say that CBD oil is a miracle drug without limitations, but that some people who use the substance have reported finding relief.

Some of the Reported CBD Oil Benefits Include:

Pain Management

In many ways, CDB oil for pain management falls into the technical category of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID), and it is not a narcotic, so there is no worry about long-term addiction. In fact, there's a bit of scientific serendipity with this subject. The body has a system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which helps regulate sleep, appetite, the immune system, and the nerve receptors for pain. As luck would have it, the compounds here are very similar, and taking CBD oil for discomforts triggers an immediate response in many users. Neurotransmitters and inflammatory responses in the body appear to be less active when CBD oil is introduced.

Anxiety and Depression

While these two are not exactly the same, they're very similar in that mental health issues, chemical imbalances, and other body chemistry issues can cause depression and anxiety response in people. When taking CBD for anxiety, for instance, that tick in a body's fight-flight response isn't so hyperactive, and people find that things typically triggering an anxious response do not have as much impact. As far as CBD benefits go, this is a very popular reason to take the substance, as millions of people are on benzos to quell their anxiety, which can be habit-forming and harmful.

For depression, it is suggested that the body receiving a boost to its ECS improves mood while also improving sleep and appetite, which has a compounding effect. People eat better, sleep better, feel better, repeat. It's a healthy, happy cycle to get into, which helps stave off depression without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Stress Relief

Stress is one of those things that even science views as nebulous. For instance, a lot of medical professionals will say, "Stress is all in your mind." While people who suffer from and deal with excess stress will say in return, "Yes, that's the entire point!" People are searching for ways to alleviate their stress, and CBD oil has shown to assist in that area. When it comes to stress CBD oil can calm and soothe a person, which allows them to just relax and to let go off that stress. In other words, it takes a person's mind off the stress they're experiencing, which is as good a cure for stress as anything medical science has come up within two hundred years.

Insulin Function

There is a lot of misinformation floating around about diabetes. Even people who claim medical knowledge still present this disease as if their body doesn't produce enough insulin. However, that's just the after effect, once one has the disease. People contract adult onset type 2 diabetes because their bodies were producing too much insulin. The pancreas would dump it out to rid the blood of its sugar, by forcing it into cells and out of the bloodstream. The disproportionate insulin response results in the body's cells no longer accepting sugar, which creates a cycle of the body producing even more insulin. To help treat and prevent diabetes, the body needs to make insulin in proportion to glucose levels. In a laboratory study in mice, CBD oil helps to prevent or treat incidents of diabetes in 56% of cases.

Do Benefits of Oil Depend on CBD Oil Quality?

Unfortunately, yes. Apropos for this substance being an oil, there are many out there who would treat it like snake oil, selling very low concentrations of the subpar quality oil at an elevated prices. It's important to make sure that the CBD oil you're consuming is from a reputable supplier who lists accurate, accessible information about how the product is made.

No one is saying that CBD oil is a miracle drug. The fact is that, when taking all the available evidence into account, CBD oil for pain management, stress, anxiety relief, and other issues does seem to align with users first-hand experiences.

In short, there is no guarantee CBD oil will work wonders for you, but it certainly has worked for many. 

Recommended Brands 

To get you started, we have compiled a list of our favorite CBD brands: Green RoadsMoon MotherCBDistilleryCbdMDCBD-medicJust CBDOrganabusAllo CBDR.A. RoyalBlue Label and Canna River