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At CBDcity we offer various products by Allo. Products include serums, CBD tinctures, CBD CapsulesCBD skin care products and even CBD Coffee. Allo tries to design new products to help people relax and live up to their full potential. Their premium product line has something for everyone that enjoys the relaxing effects of CBD. 

Allo CBD Tinctures

Allo's tinctures are definitely something else. They contain the highest possible quality US sourced CBD and come in different flavors as well as in an unflavored version. Our favorite is the Allo CBD Mango Tincture which comes in 600mg, 1500mg, and even in a 2400mg for more frequent users. Whichever one you'll choose we're sure you'll enjoy the effects.

Allo CBD Coffee

Allo CBD Coffee is a great way to get fired up and stay relaxed at the same time. Increase productivity while keeping your chill. If you rather use your own favorite arabica you can also boost up your morning routine with the Allo CBD Bean & Bud Coffee booster tincture that offers 600mg's of CBD which you can easily add to your morning coffee. 

Allo CBD capsules for sale

Allo offers a wide variety of CBD capsules. They are most known for their Allo 300 mg Anti-Stress Capsules which are great to make you cope with any stress during your day, but they also offer the stronger 750mg Daily Boost Capsule. Give them a try and see whichever one works best for you. 

Allo CBD skincare products

Most CBD producers offer skincare products such as bath bombs or a body cream. Allo however is one of the few that offers a great face and neck serum. During the face you face and neck are always exposed to the sun and are the parts of your body that need hydration the most. The Allo CBD Topical Hydra Face and Neck Serum keeps your skin moisturized and soft. 

Allo CBD Mango Tincture

Allo CBD

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Allo CBD Unflavored Tincture

Allo CBD

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