CBD Coffee

For the perfect morning pick-me-up.

  • CBD-infused coffee beans and pods that taste just like a regular cup of coffee!
  • A comforting, soothing, and delightfully aromatic way to start your mornings
  • Available in different roast levels to suit your unique palate

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Sale Save 20%3599
Sale Save 20%3599

CBD coffee is one of our favorite type of CBD edibles. A soothing cup of coffee meets the soothing power of CBD—we can’t think of anything better.

Available in a variety of strengths and roasts, these infused beans and pods are the perfect way to wind down while remaining sharp and focused.

CBD Coffee Pods

CBD coffee pods are possibly the easiest way to enjoy a cup of CBD coffee. Just insert them in your coffee maker, press the button and you’re ready to go!

To start off, try out Allo’s Bean & Bud Rise Coffee pods, which offer 30mg of CBD per serving! Each package offers 12 pods to keep you going throughout your week.

CBD dark roast Coffee

The darker the roast, the more intense the flavor. For all the black coffee lovers and dark roast aficionados out there, there’s a CBD coffee for you.
If a dark roast is what you’re after, try out Allo CBD Bean & Bud rise Coffee!

CBD medium roast coffee

For those who like their coffee more subtle and a bit less bitter, look for a medium roast like Allo CBD Bean & Bud Balance CBD Coffee 160mg. Not as strong as a dark roast offering, a medium roast helps you keep your chill through a tough workday.

What is CBD coffee?

CBD coffee is exactly how it sounds—coffee that’s been infused with CBD! In this process, coffee beans are roasted like regular coffee beans, but are infused with a small amount of CBD after the roasting process. They taste just like regular coffee beans, but help you relax in a way that regular coffee can't.