Skin Care

Nourishing and soothing topicals for skin of any type.

  • Wonderfully soothing, cannabis-derived skin care specially formulated for your hands, face, lips, back, and more
  • Available in scent-free, cannabis-scented, and a wide variety of other fragrance options like peppermint and lemon
  • Relax in style with CBD-infused, luxurious bath bombs

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cbdMD Bath Bomb 100mg


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Specially formulated for various skin types or parts of the body, CBD skin creams give your skin the soothing relief it needs. From ointments to bath bombs and lip balms to face serums, CBD is easy to add to your skin routine.
Made with less than 0.3% THC, none of our CBD products produce THC’s “high” sensation.

CBD Cream & CBD Body Lotion

Moisturizing, soothing, and available in many scents and strengths, creams and lotions are the most common form of CBD skin care. Bring out your skin’s natural glow with high-quality serums, hydrating lotions, and luxurious body balms!

CBD Body Lotion

For dry or fatigued skin, a CBD lotion might be just the trick. Combined with skin-friendly, natural ingredients like shea butter, peppermint oil, beeswax, jojoba, and almond oil, these vitalizing lotions help your skin recover, hydrate, and look its very best. For best results, these lotions can be used daily to maximize their effectiveness!

CBD Lip Balm

Your lips deserve the same care as the rest of your body. With ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter, CBD lip balms help you combat dryness, cracking, and the roughness that sun or cold can bring.

Take a look at our blog if you want to know more about the difference between topicals and oral CBD. 

Allo CBD, Blue Label, Canna River, cbdMDCBD Medic, Organabus and Pacific are our most favorite skin care brands.