For an active lifestyle.

  • Ointments, roll-on creams, and sprays made for those with performance in mind
  • Available in full-body creams, or target your CBD dose with topicals for your ankles, neck, hands, or joints

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When playing sports or pushing through tough workouts, you put an enormous amount of strain on your muscles and body. This stress often results in oxidative damage, and too much of it can harm your overall performance and slow down your recovery.

Like a good stretch, energy bar, or electrolyte drink, CBD can be useful for improving both recovery and athletic performance. Try using CBD in your post-workout routine!

How does CBD help muscle recovery?

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep—vital for sports recovery and performance, sleep gives the body a chance to regenerate and repair damaged muscle fibers. Known to be both relaxing and soothing, CBD is often used to improve sleep quality and duration.

Read our blog about the difference between topical and oral CBD and figure out how these products can help you after doing sports! 

The brands Blue Label, cbdMDCBD Medic, Green Roads and Pacific are the most popular in our assortment.