Vaporizing is one of the most popular ways of taking CBD, and for good reason. Fast-acting and enjoyable, vaporizing CBD is one of our favorite ways to get our daily dose.

Why use a CBD vape?

Vaping is not just fun (how about trying some vape tricks?), it’s also quicker than edibles or oil tinctures. As the CBD does not have to go through the digestive system and is instead inhaled through your lungs, it is absorbed into your bloodstream directly. The effects of vaporizing CBD can be felt around 5 to 10 minutes after inhalation, though this of course varies by person and product.

How to vape CBD oil?

Vaping CBD oil is as easy as one-two-three, first make sure your vape is loaded with vape juice and has enough battery charge. Most vapes work by pressing the small button, after pressing the button the coil will heat up, and you can inhale the CBD vapor. Take as much as needed and let your vape cool down. Dosing CBD is slightly harder when using a vape pen, so make sure not to take too much at once, but generally up the dose over the course of a few days. 

What is CBD vape oil?

CBD Vape oil is an extract product designed to be safe for inhalation after being vaporized by an atomizer or heating element. The effects of CBD vape oil are the same as those of CBD oil tinctures or edibles, the only difference is in how you take your dose.

As vape oils are generally made with food-safe ingredients, it is also possible to consume them by placing a few drops under your tongue, as with CBD oil tincture. Keep in mind, however, that the reverse is not possible: because CBD oil tinctures are not designed for heat exposure, you should never attempt to vaporize CBD oil tincture.

What are disposable CBD vape pens?

If you want to try vaping CBD for the first time, we’d recommend a disposable vape pen. These read-to-use, straightforward devices come preloaded with vape oil in a variety of flavors and compositions and provide a discreet, no-guesswork way to dose CBD. Disposable vape pens are slightly different from cartridges. Disposable pens are used with their battery, and so can’t be reloaded after they’re finished. 

Once you’ve decided that vaping is for you, we’d recommend picking up a vaporizer device that allows you to swap cartridges to increase your selection of flavors, prices, and colors.

What are CBD oil cartridges?

CBD cartridges contain the same pure CBD distillate as disposable pens but aren’t standalone devices. In order to use a cartridge, they must be connected to a compatible battery pack. Most cartridges use a 510 battery, known as the industry standard. Because of their wide popularity, 510 batteries are available in a massive array of colors and intricate, beautiful designs, so you can always find one that matches your style.

Buy CBD vape oil cartridges

Vape oil cartridges come in a wide variety of flavors and compositions and can be swapped in and out of the battery whenever you like. Feeling strawberry today? Mint tomorrow? No problem. Simply remove the cartridge, and you’re all set. Take it with you in your pocket or purse for instant relief on the go. You can get yours right here on CBDcity. 

How much CBD should I vape?

The right amount of CBD depends on many factors including your age, weight and on your desired effect. If you have any health concerns make sure to consult your physician. 

Does CBD vape oil get you high?

All of our CBD products contain zero to a maximum of 0.3% THC. As this negligible level of THC makes it impossible to trigger any psychoactive effects, none of our products will get you high.

Will CBD vape oil show up on a drug test?

Depends on the CBD product! If you use full-spectrum CBD products, they may contain up to 0.3% THC, and so traces may show up on a THC drug test. If you want to be absolutely sure that no THC gets into your system, you should choose vape oil made from CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD.

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