At CBDcity we offer a large amount of CBD products by cbdMD. cbdMd is one of the nation’s largest CBD producers. They are known for their extensive and innovative product line including everything from tinctures to CBD bath bombs.

Why choose cbdMD?

cbdMD stands for two things; Quality and Innovation. Domestic-sourced hemp in combination with the highest possible quality standards in the industry ensures superior product quality. cbdMD base their product on Broad Spectrum CBD. Containing all the natural elements derived from the hemp plant such as CBD, CBG, and CBN with the exclusion of THC. You’re safe from any psychoactive effects due to this.

cbdMD oil tinctures

The most used way for consuming CBD is through tinctures. CBD tinctures are a quick way to get your intake and offer effects quickly. Most tinctures are advised to be used once or twice a day. We offer different types of tinctures varying in strength and taste.

cbdMD pet tinctures and treats

Did you know that CBD can be used for the same effects on pets as well? CBD is completely safe to use on pets. Pet tinctures are adjusted based on taste. The CBD tincture for cats is flavored with Catnip. If you want to make administering CBD for pets even easier you can also order some do or cat treats to do the trick.

Order cbdMD premium CBD gummies online

You can order your cbdMD gummies online at CBDcity.com. All CBD gummies are infused with a precise amount of CBD. They offer the highest quality ingredients and have a great flavor. Multiple flavors and dosages are available. Using gummies is a great way for precise dosing and will make using CBD a treat.

cbdMD Freeze cold therapy

Did you know that cbdMD also offers cold therapy freeze gel and rollers? These are great if you're experiencing back pain, sore muscles or joint pain. Cool down with Freeze Squeeze or the Freeze roller

cbdMD CBD bath bombs

If you like enjoying a relaxing bath, you’ll surely like these CBD bath bombs. Many people use CBD for relaxing effects so combining those two things with each other is surely a match made in heaven. The bath bombs come in different options that all have amazing scents such as Rise, Romance, Rejuvenate, Restore, Relax, Resist. CBD bath bombs are also great as a gift!