RVDCBD Max Strength Tincture - 3000mg


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RVDCBD Max Strength Tincture - 3000mg

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Is professional wrestling real? The pain of getting a folding chair slammed onto your spine as hard as possible definitely is, whether it's by your Uncle at Grandma's funeral or professional wrestler Rob Van Dam.

The famous steel piston is best known for his time in WWE, ECW, and TNA wrestling. But he's also known for pushing his body to the absolute precipice of human potential. I mean, just look at him. If there's anybody who you can trust to provide quality CBD for your sore weenus, it's that guy.

This max strength formula contains 100mg of CBD per serving, for a total of 3000mg per bottle. That's an insane amount of CBD. The broad spectrum hemp extract gives you the entourage effect of multiple cannabinoids while isolating out any and all THC.

So, if you like your CBD like you like your wrestlers -- strong and extracted from quality hemp -- look no further.

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