Charleston Hemp Collective "Night Crawler" CBD/CBN/CBG Nighttime Gummies

by Charleston Hemp Collective

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Charleston Hemp Collective "Night Crawler" CBD/CBN/CBG Nighttime Gummies

10 Count

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Sleeping. It's the only other thing to do besides being awake. But for some people, one is a lot easier than the other. 

The miraculous thing about hemp is that, no matter which (legal) state of consciousness you're hoping to achieve, it can help you get there. Depending on the formulation, cannabinoids can relax you to promote sleep, or heighten your senses to promote focus.

Charleston Hemp Collective, one of the most refined and respected names in the hemp industry, is here to sing you a lullaby with the sweet harmony of cannabinoids CBD, CBN, and CBG.

You've all heard of CBD. Whoop dee doodle. But you may not have heard of those other couple letters. Odds are, they've been in your body at some point due to the "entourage effect." Subdued amounts are present in most strains of cannabis and full spectrum CBD, but isolating these cannabinoids individually in higher concentrated amounts has led to more discoveries into what they actually do and how they could potentially help you. That's right, Lisa. Or whatever your name is.

Available in either a 10 count or a 30 count and containing 10mg CBD, 5mg CBN, and 5mg CBG, this ratio of cannabinoids might just be your one way ticket to sleepy town and back. Wait, that's a round trip. 

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