Concentrated Concepts Full Spectrum CBDA - 250mg

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Concentrated Concepts Full Spectrum CBDA - 250mg

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CBD, CBDA, LOL, SMDH, FML, THICC-- so many important letters to remember in this world. 

By now, if you don't what CBD is, we can't help you. Just kidding: You can visit our CBD Collections for a comprehensive rundown.  

But you may not have heard of CBDA. If you were to examine the hemp plant, you likely would not find very much actual CBD at all. Instead, you would find CBDA, which is CBD's acidic precursor. What we all know as CBD is formed later in the process by heating CBDA and causing decarboxylation.

Are you asleep yet? The point is, CBDA has been found to be more effective at much lower doses than typical CBD, as it is more bioavailable. 

It does not cause a psychoactive effect, but it does bind to receptors necessary for producing powerful anti-convulsant, anti-nausea, and anti-inflammatory effects, among many others. 

Whatever letters of the alphabet you use to help feel better about your inevitable mortality, we recommend giving these a try as well. 

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