Cornerstone Thick Oil CBD Cartridge

by Cornerstone

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Cornerstone Thick Oil CBD Cartridge

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The Cornerstone Thick Oil/ CBD Vaporizer Cartridge is made to work with the Cornerstone Oil Pen Battery. This empty thick oil pen tank can hold up to 1ml of your favorite thick oil or CBD vape juice. 

This pen cartridge tank is made of stainless steel and PET plastic for durable worry-free use. When you fill this empty tank with your favorite oil or vape juice, you can get up to an impressive 600 puffs.  

With its budget-friendly price, consider picking up a few of these 1ml thick oil pen cartridges. This way, you can have a few cartridges filled and ready to go when you're out on the move and want to take a few quick puffs. 

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