Meo Marley's Meofill Zen Herbal Blend

by Meo Marley's

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Meo Marley's Meofill Zen Herbal Blend

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Meofill Zen Herbal Blend by Meo Marley's is a savory and soothing aromatic food-grade herbal smoking blend. Use this herbal blend to enhance and compliment any herbal aromatic profile without overwhelming it. 

Meofill Zen Herbal Blend is perfectly pre-ground and ready to add to your mix. It's made of 100% organic materials. This blend doesn't contain any THC, CBD, Nicotine, or added flavoring.

This is a hand-crafted herbal rolling filler consisting of nothing but pure and natural organic ingredients. The blend consists of butterfly pea, passionflower, mullein, damiana, and blueberry leaves. 

Each round reusable puck contains 28 grams of Meo Marley's Meofill Zen Herbal Blend.

    • Does not contain THC, CBD, nicotine, or added flavoring 
    • 28-gram vacuum-sealed reusable puck 

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