Nanocraft CBD Nighttime CBD + Melatonin Softgels

by Nanocraft CBD

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Nanocraft CBD Nighttime CBD + Melatonin Softgels

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CBD and Melatonin go together like apple pie and a fork. These softgels deliver a blend of 25mg broad spectrum hemp oil with melatonin-- a powerful duo for restful sleep.

The CBD works to relieve anxiety and soothe racing thoughts, while the melatonin signals to your brain that it's time for bed. Each bottle contains a total of 750mg broad spectrum hemp extract.

Another ingredient at play in this blend is CBN, an underrated but quickly rising cannabinoid best known for its effectiveness as a sleep aid. CBN is converted from THC Delta 9 after it's been oxidized (a fancy way of saying it got stale). 

It also contains beeswax, which aids in relieving inflammation and pain. These softgels deliver a unique blend of cannabinoids while remaining non-psychoative and utilizing some of nature's best sleep aids. 

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