Royal Blunts XXL Herbal Wraps - 25 Pack

by Royal Blunts

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Royal Blunts XXL Herbal Wraps - 25 Pack


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If you want to sweeten up your blunt lifestyle, use XXL Herbal Hemp Wraps by Royal Blunts. These hemp-based wraps are the cream of the crop, and they're packed with delicious flavor to make your seshes shine. 

XXL Herbal Hemp Wraps are made with all-natural organic components. Once you try these high-quality wraps, you'll stay loyal to Royal forever!

These are slow-burning, tobacco-free hemp wraps that deliver smooth, slow tokes of your favorite flower. 

This is a 25-count display box of Royal Blunts XXL Herbal Hemp Wraps. Each pack contains 2 hemp wraps. You can roll up to 4 blunts per pack.

Pick your preferred flavors from the multiple options and treat yourself to these amazing flavorful wraps. 

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