RVDCBD Muscle and Joint Relief Cream

by Smoke Cartel

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RVDCBD Muscle and Joint Relief Cream

3000mg / 4oz


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Professional wrestling might not be real, but the pain of getting your spine broken by ex-WWE wrestler Rob Van Dam after he drops a refrigerator on you definitely is. 

This is a man who understands pain. This is a man who knows what it's like to push your body to its very limits, and come out on top. How does he do it? Raw eggs? Protein shakes? Drinking lava lamps? 

Turns out, it's simpler than that. This CBD cream with menthol is formulated to be some of the strongest CBD you can make before you have to legally classify it as a machine gun. 

Available in a mega super duper 4oz 3000mg version if you're in a fight club and a teeny weenie 2oz 1500mg version if you just want a little sniff, the cream can be applied topically to a target area and soaks in through the skin thanks to its high bioavailability. 

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