Sono Shots CBD Sleep Aid

by Sono Shots

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Sono Shots CBD Sleep Aid

Strawberry / 6 Pack

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If you are someone who has no trouble falling asleep and can instantly slip into a realm as light as the ether for 8 straight hours as soon as they hit a pillow-- from all of us with insomnia, f*** you. 

For everyone else, f*** them, right? 

But, all hope is not lost. It may feel like your only two options are count sheep and suffer, or ask your doctor for an addictive prescription that makes you crash into an Arby's.

That is not the case. You, too, can sleep like a baby naturally and easily with Sono Shots CBD Sleep Aid. Based in Miami, Florida, the two ounce full spectrum sleep shot takes conventional ingredients and infuses them with hemp-derived CBD.

This holistic blend of melatonin, passion flower, GABA, and chamomile, promotes healthy and natural sleep the way only hemp can-- without adverse side effects commonly found in other sleep aid medications (such as next-day drowsiness or dependance). 

Available in Green Apple and Strawberry, this is probably the only shot in your life you won't regret the next morning.

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